about Entek Engineering Ltd.

Entek Engineering is an employee owned company that designs and manufactures electronic components and develops software for use in government, industrial and commercial applications.

      The Entek team is comprised of professionals with a diversity of skills.
      These skills have been used to successfully complete numerous large projects on time and within budget.

The Entek team subscribes to the following principles:
  • Provide the 'best' level of service possible to our customers 
  • Strive for excellence in all endeavors 
  • Manufacture with the highest standards of quality possible 
  • Provide a level of technical expertise exceeding our customers' needs 
  • Continually improve our products and services 
  • Maintain a diverse capability and customer base 
  • Provide 'small company' flexibility and attitudes 
  • Advance company and individual technical skills 
  • Maintain an interesting, challenging and satisfying work environment 
  • Respect for all individuals 
  • Uphold corporate integrity 

Company Assets:
  • Entek has on staff qualified electronics technologists, engineers, software programmers and mathematicians 
  • Complete facilities for hardware and software development 
  • Full complement of test equipment 
  • Well established product line 
  • Core software modules and algorithms 
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic employees 
  • Over 35 years of design and manufacturing experience 

Research and Development:
  • A large protion of Entek's resources are dedicated to research and development of new and existing products 

    Entek has a wide array of project and product experience. A brief summary of some projects is given below:
  • Supply of Mobile Data Terminals and software to BC Ministry of Forests Fire Protection Branch 
  • Entek supplied hardware and software components for the BC Ministry of Forests aircraft tracking and management system. This included the design and manufacture of aircraft display and messaging terminals with additional sensor inputs, GPS positioning, messaging capability and interface with a low band VHF digital radio network. In addition, Entek played an active role in the development and implementation of the entire system, including the RF digital radio network and various back-end server components.

  • Cutter suction positioning systems including all hardware, sensing systems, Entek's own SeeLevel™ tide gauge system, and DredgeTrak™ and HydroTrak™ software
  • Entek has developed real time positioning software and hardware systems that are used extensively in the dredging industry. These turnkey systems provide 3 dimensional graphic views of the river bottom, cutter and dredge positions, shorelines, markers, and any other data layers or features required. The system stores all data collected into a project database for reviewing, editing, plotting and exporting to other systems.  Entek dredging systems and components have been used for many “mission critical” projects including underwater water main repair and remediation, bridge construction, and maintenance dredging.

  • Design and supply of complete Electrical E-Houses to Escondida Copper mine project in Chile and Highland Valley Copper Mine in Logan Lake BC including programming and supply of computer systems for start sequence control and permissive and supervisory systems
  • Entek supplied key control system components and software for the successful installation and startup of 10 long belt conveyor systems (~1 km each) capable of 7000 tons per hour (6000 HP each). Entek specified, designed and manufactured complete e-houses including all HV switchgear (4kV), WR startup control, switchgeart, and high power resistor banks, including PLC hardware and software.  Entek took full responsibility for safe and proper startup of multi-million dollar systems.

  • Design and manufacture of measuring and process control computers used in mobile log delimbers and feller processor heads
  • Entek developed the first practical measurement methodology and systems for mobile roadside log delimbers.  Still the primary methodology in use today by virtually every delimber or processor head manufacturer in the world, the system is used in mobile logging equipment for measuring and optimization of bucking. Entek has supplied systems and components to many of the equipment manufacturers including Caterpillar Inc.  Entek has successfully met all quality requirements demanded by the equipment manufacturers.

  • Design, manufacture, programming and installation of precision paper ream de-stacker systems for Island Paper Mills, Annacis Island B.C
  • A high precision and time critical custom turn-key application including mechanical hardware design and manufacture, electronic control system design and manufacture, software design, installation, documentation and training. Accuracy and timely completion and installation of the job were extremely critical. The system was completed on time and performed beyond the customer's expectations.

  • Concept, design and supply of Vehicle monitoring and data collection units for 240 ton Mining trucks at Westar Mine, Elkford BC
  • The concept, development and supply of the PM1000 performance monitor by Entek directly resulted in the sale of 120+ mine trucks to Westar Mine in Elkford BC by Transwest Dynequip Inc.  Entek coordinated the technical requirements for data collection set out by the various component manufacturers including General Electric (electric drive propulsion system), Cummins (2000 HP diesel engines), Michelin (tires), Haulpak (truck frame, body and hydraulics), various other component manufacturers, and the Westar mine management group.

  • Supply of vehicle tracking, sensing, and messaging system for State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Entek designed and supplied hardware and software components for the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The completed first phase of the system provides real time monitoring of 450 state vehicles. Each vehicle is equipped with an Entek MDP (Mobile Data Processor) system which includes sensor inputs, GPS positioning, emergency transmitter, 2 way messaging capability, notebook PC interface, and RF low band VHF digital network modem.

  • Design and Supply of analog / Modbus serial interface devices for a harsh and demanding environment
  • Entek designed and supplied hardware devices for a customer specific application providing physically robust analog interface devices for use in process monitoring in a severe environment.  Entek has considerable expereince in the board level design of integrated electronics circuits including analog interface circuits, digital microprocessor control, programmable system on a chip, and various interface circuits including various field bus networks, digital and analog filters, RF devices, and power driver and control.

  • Design and Supply of wireless magnetic switch for harsh and demanding environment
  • Using its RF design experience, Entek developed and supplied a wireless magnetic switch for use in a severe environment meeting and exceeding all the technical and application requirements of the customer (OEM).

  • Design and Supply of laser collision sensing system
  • During re-construction of BC Place Stadium in Vancouver BC, an issue arose regarding the safe use of 4 large cranes withing the arena area.  Entek was asked to provide a proposal for a practical solution, and was selected to provide a collision avoidance system using long range laser sensors and a custom designed operator interface panel.

  • Supply of wireless controls
  • Entek supplies custom radio controls for various system integrators and original equipment manufacturers.

  • Design and Supply of CNC control system for automated wood product “shaper”
  • Entek provided the system components and customized software for equipment used in the manufacturing of a wood product.  Operator ease of use and “new” product flexibility were major factors in this particular design project.

  • Design and manufacture of commercial audio device
  • Design of a low cost audio device used in a commercial aplication.  Features included flash memory card and remote download and monitoring capabilities.

  • Design and Supply of VFD and Profibus control system used in structural steel fabrication plant
  • Automated several large rolling mills and automated lines used in the fabrication of structural steel and components.