what we can do.

Entek Engineering Ltd. provides custom and turnkey systems to a wide variety of clients around the world.
Some of the services provided by the company:

System Design & Engineering
  • Instrumentation and control design 
  • Electronic Circuit design 
  • Analog sensor design and interface 
  • Digital communications and Networking 
  • RFID integration 
  • GPS sensor integration 
  • Wireless technologies 
  • Printed Circuit Board design 
Systems Integration
Research and development
Prototype Development
Software and Embedded Programming
  • Application Development (including C/C++, VB.NET, C#, Python) 
  • Embedded Microprocessor Development (including PSoC, PIC, ARM, i.MX, Altera, 8051, Rabbit) 
  • Database Design (including SQL Server, MySQL, SQL Anywhere, Postgres) 
  • Web Technology (including PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, HTML5) 
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (including Omron, Siemens, Modicon, A/B, Idec, PC Based) 
Electronic Repair
Installation / Onsite Commissioning
Service Support and Maintenance

Systems Engineering
Some of the systems engineering services provided by Entek include:
  • Analysis, design, development and integration of complete turnkey systems 
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of systems 
  • Data analysis and reports 
  • Documentation and training 
  • On-going support, service and upgrade 

Product Development
Over 50% of Entek's resources are dedicated to research and development of new and existing products. Some current related projects include:
  • Custom control electronics 
  • AVL system hardware development 
  • Resource management systems and software 
  • 3D real time modeling and positioning software for hydrographic survey and dredging 

  • All products are built to the highest commercial standards 
  • Comprehensive module, system, environmental and burn-in testing 
  • Interactive field testing with customer 

Quality Assurance
All in house methods and procedures are developed and enforced to promote high quality in design, manufacturing, workmanship, and all support services and functions:
  • Develop and maintain clearly defined procedures to ensure high quality and reliability 
  • Rigorous testing methods to ensure standards are achieved 
  • Improve products through feedback of information from customers and testing  

Customer Service
Entek strives to provide the best level of customer support possible:
  • Full warranty programs 
  • On-site technical support and service 
  • Training programs 
  • Telephone support 
  • Emergency support 
  • Post warranty exchange and repair service 
  • Upgrade access to new technology developments 

Company Assets
Entek has the following available to meet the demands of most applications:
  • Dedicated and qualified electronics technologists, engineers, and software programmers 
  • Complete facilities for hardware and software development 
  • Full complement of test equipment